I have spent my career years immersed in the many dynamic aspects of the marketing and communications landscape. Whether running a Marketing department or choosing a typeface for a client’s new brand, I have always looked at each challenge as inspiration to improve – both my own skill set and my clients’ customer relationships and market share.

Dezigner Lane is the iteration of more than a decade of specialising in the design and development of the key marketing assets of my clients’ public profile – their brand identity, brand development, website design & functionality, online marketing and social media management.

The pace of change in the media and communications world inspires my team and I to craft unique, purpose-built and future-friendly solutions at every level of engagement with our clients’ brands and business.

This is my North Star. Embracing change in business and in life. Seeing it not as a threat, but always as opportunity filled with promise. And I love to surround myself with people who share this view. If you are one of them, please reach out and contact me.

Laeni Gittins – Founder Dezigner Lane


Dezigner Lane created the most beautiful website for me, they took my idea and vision and turned it into reality giving me a website that exceeded even my greatest expectations. Going the extra mile by giving me an image supported step-by-step tutorial to learn how to operate my site and load content is what puts them ahead of the game in my opinion, the perfect balance between customer service and creativity! Thank you Laeni.

Zola Nene

Zola Nene Celebrity Chef

Laeni has been a significant contributor to the growth in The Kewl Shop. She quickly identified the businesses core needs from an SEO and traffic generation perspective and was tireless in addressing them. She put in place practices and objectives that we are still using and working towards today and her advice and assistance was genuinely helpful. Highly recommended.

Charles Fitzgerald

The Kewl Shop

Laeni from Dezigner Lane, you’re amazing! – Always positive, helpful, creative and ready to go. My updates and site build was seamless and fast. Just the way I like it.
Great stuff. Thank you.

Lee Rath

Rath Productions

When launching my practice, I needed someone to not only understand my needs, but also that of my clients. Someone with integrity, insight and a willingness to push boundaries.
That person is Laeni Gittins who owns Dezigner Lane. I was looking for a company who was as passionate as I was in helping people develop and grow. When they developed a professional and beautiful website which not only showcases my practice but also created solutions to the functionality and user experience, I knew I was in trusting hands.

Jonathan Mitchell

Glenbrook Practice